July 26, 2021

Your iPhone may be wiped of its data to fix battery problems after update, Apple says

While the iOS 14 has ushered a plethora of new iPhone options, it’s not without its issues. Apple addressed the problems, but the fixes can scare the average user.

In a post on the official support page, Apple reveals seven “significant data and battery-related problems” with iOS 14 that are affecting customers — and the only fix is to “erase all content and settings from your iPhone.”

Yes, you read that right.

In addition to the battery-draining issue, Apple classifies six other problems that are connected to the Activity, Health and Fitness applications. Apple suggests that you create a backup on iCloud before wiping the data from your phone or watch.

“A complete data wipe is also a nuclear option, so Apple is not messing around,” Forbes said of the fix. “At this stage, it is unclear how effective this solution has been for affected users but I would be amazed if iOS 14.0.2 is not being fast-tracked as we speak.”

After iOS 14 was released in mid-September, users were complaining about their phone’s battery dropping rapidly with only in a few short hours, Forbes reported along with user complaints.

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