July 29, 2021

Young adults are driving the surge in coronavirus cases in Arizona, Florida, and Texas, officials say. Patients’ median ages are dropping.

All 50 states have eased at least some of the social-distancing measures they put in place in April.

Generally, official numbers reflect infections contracted about two to three weeks prior, since the virus incubates for two days to two weeks, then it takes another few days for test results to be processed and reported to a patient and health authorities.

So it’s possible that the precipitous rise in cases in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas are a consequence of reopening, which began in mid-May. Officials in most of those states have reported COVID-19 cases rising among younger age groups.

In Arizona, the 20-44 age group now accounts for 48% of cases.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said last week that many people testing positive in parts of his state are in their 30s. In Miami-Dade county (where Miami is), for example, the median age of people with positive coronavirus tests was 33. In Orange County (where Orlando is), it was 29.

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