July 27, 2021

Wonder Woman 1984: How Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor Returns

A dream is a wish your heart makes, as we all know from Cinderella. This is also how Diana Prince resurrects her long lost love Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. It’s appropriate; Wonder Woman is, after all, a princess.

Ever since the announcement that Gal Gadot’s superhero would be joined again by Chris Pine in the new sequel, fans have been wondering exactly … how? His World War I flying ace sacrificed himself in a critical moment in Patty Jenkins’ first movie. Even if he had somehow survived that fireball, his character would be around 103 by the time Ronald Reagan was winning a second term.

Diana is ageless and immortal, of course, and her love for Trevor has also proved to be timeless. As the sequel opens, she’s still missing him and hasn’t moved on. Then, one day, he reappears. In a swirling party sequence, a young stranger catches Diana’s attention. He knows her, but she doesn’t recognize his face—until she realizes the soul of Trevor has taken over the body of this man. We see Pine’s baby blues, even if the rest of the world sees whatshisname.

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