July 25, 2021

Why Joe Biden still has ‘work to do’ to catch up to Trump on the economy

In recent months, Joe Biden has consistently led President Trump by most polling measures with one big glaring exception: how he’d handle the economy.

The former vice president came close in July. An analysis by Yahoo Finance found a range of nationwide polls that month which asked some version of the “who do you trust to do a better job on the economy” question.

Biden was ahead or tied with Trump in almost all of them. A July 19 Fox News poll had it at 44% for Biden and 43% for Trump (within the margin of error). A July 15 Quinnipiac poll gave Biden a “slight lead” on the issue: 50% to 45%. All that after Trump had built his re-election campaign largely around his economic acumen. Other polls found similar results with the two candidates often tied on the economy (each outfit asks the question a bit differently).

Fast forward to this month. Biden has maintained his edge on who people say they’ll actually vote for but the gap has narrowed and that shift has been the most pronounced on economic questions.

An Aug. 17 CNN poll made waves showing the Biden/Harris ticket with just a 4-point lead overall. It also showed a clear deficit for Democrats on the economy. Trump led by 8 points – 53% to 45% – when respondents were asked about the economy and which candidate “would better handle that issue if they were elected President.

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