July 26, 2021

WD-40 CEO reveals 3 of the craziest ways his lubricating spray has been used

WD-40 (WDFC) Chairman and CEO Garry Ridge has seen some wild uses for the well-known lubricant during his 33 years at the company.

In short, it’s truly a multi-use product as advertised.

“We actually have 2,000 uses for WD-40 that is published on our website,” Ridge told Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade, adding the company ran a contest several years ago to see how people were using the product. It received 230,000 submissions.

“There was a lady in the Midwest, she used to feed her birds with a bird feeder out in her yard that sat on a pole and squirrels used to run up the pole. She used to spray the pole with WD-40. It didn’t hurt the squirrels and the food stayed uneaten. Many years ago, WD-40 was used to release a burglar from an air conditioning duct. He was robbing a bank I believe,” Ridge explained.

Ridge has gotten in on the multi-use fun, too. “I am an Aussie, so I have a barbecue. I love shining my stainless steel barbecue with WD-40. I have the cleanest barbecue in San Diego. I guarantee you that,” added Ridge.

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