July 24, 2021

Trump news – US president struggles with series of words during Mount Rushmore speech as Pence calls him ‘my father’ in campaign ad

Donald Trump accused “angry mobs” of trying to erase US history by removing statues in a dark and divisive Independence Day speech on Friday evening from Mount Rushmore.

Painting himself as a bulwark against left-wing extremism, the US president barely mentioned the coronavirus pandemic, despite the country that setting a new record for confirmed new cases, as he struggled to correctly pronounce a series of words.

One of those new Covid-19 cases included Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who tested positive just a week after attending a party in which guests were reportedly not wearing masks.

Mr Trump’s pre-4 July holiday event drew 7,500 people, packed into an outdoor amphitheatre. Many did not wear masks – including the president – defying the advice of health officials who have urged Americans to avoid large gatherings to slow the spread of Covid-19.

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