July 25, 2021

Trump cares more about taking down statues of racist Confederate generals and slaveholders than coronavirus death toll, Maxine Waters says

Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters has claimed that president Donald Trump cares more about protecting Confederate monuments, than he does about US deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of coronavirus cases in states across the US has risen in the last few weeks, after businesses reopened and social distancing measures were eased, with the support of Mr Trump.

Over the same time period, monuments to Confederate officials were removed in numerous states, after Black Lives Matter protesters criticised them following the death of George Floyd.

The president condemned the removal of statues, and on Thursday, the representative for California released a statement that criticised Mr Trump’s actions over the last few months.

“One would hope that the president of the United States would rise to the level of leadership that our country needs in confronting the deadly uptick in coronavirus cases in America,” Ms Waters said.

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