July 28, 2021

The death of Breonna Taylor: Report details why Louisville police decided to forcibly enter her apartment

An internal report by the Louisville Metro Police Department after officers fatally shot Breonna Taylor on March 13 sheds more light on why they forcibly entered her apartment the night she was killed.

It provides no explanations or evidence aimed at justifying the shooting that has sparked three months of protests in Louisville, Kentucky, and national outrage. Critics accused police of smashing into the home of an unarmed Black woman for no legitimate reason and killing her.

The 39-page report and corroborating evidence show that Taylor had more extensive ties than previously made public with a person suspected of drug trafficking who was at the center of a larger narcotics investigation in Louisville. It is not known whether details in the report were presented to the judge who signed the controversial “no-knock” warrant for Taylor’s apartment.

The front page of an undated report prepared by Louisville Metro Police as part of its investigation of accused drug dealer Jamarcus Glover, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend.

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