July 26, 2021

Taiwan jets ‘drive away’ intruding Chinese fighter plane, third intrusion in days

Taiwan air force jets “drove away” a Chinese fighter plane that briefly entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Tuesday, the defence ministry said, reporting the third intrusion in a week.

The single J-10 fighter was given radio warnings to leave before the Taiwanese air force jets ushered the intruder out of the airspace southwest of the island, the ministry said.

On Tuesday last week, the ministry said several Su-30 fighters, some of China’s most advanced jets, crossed into the same airspace and were also warned to leave.

On Friday, the ministry said a Chinese Y-8, a propeller aircraft based on a Soviet-era design some of which have been retrofitted as surveillance aircraft, was warned too by Taiwan’s air force to leave the air space, again in the southwest.

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