July 28, 2021

Students Not Promote to Next Classes without Exams in Sindh

Sindh Education Minister said that the students will not be promoted to the next classes this year. The educational institutes remained closed for over six months this year because of closing of the educational institutes as the lock down regarding coronavirus was imposing in the country. When the educational institutes were opened, the academic activities were resumed and the regular classes were started. But the syllabus was not completed within time, which is the great trouble and it was decided to reduce the syllabus of all subjects in all classes. Sindh Education Minister proposed these recommendations of the enrolment of around 73% should be shut down and students above six class must attend the schools so that they can cover their syllabus, in the meeting of National Command and Control Center and federal education minister chaired the meeting. Sindh Education Minister Says Students Not Promote to Next Classes without Exams.

The sindh education minister said that the exams schedule regarding matric and inter classes shall be announced so that the students can focus on their education and the passing candidates will be promoted to the next classes. Now the online education will be given to the students and the students will have to attend their online classes. Sindh Education Minister announced to close the schools from 26 November to 10 January and after reviewing the situation of COVID-10, the decision of the opening of the schools and colleges will be made. All of the exams will be postponed during this period

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