July 25, 2021

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: Season 3 Makes a Satisfying, Emotional Jump to the 32nd Century

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

That seems to be the primary motivation for “Star Trek: Discovery” to jump ahead 930 years from its 23rd Century setting all the way to the far-flung year of 3188. And though no one involved in the production has explicitly said so, it seems like this creative choice was fueled by a desire to have a blank slate to do whatever the producers of this CBS All Access show want with this extremely talented cast. Up till now, “Discovery” has been a prequel, set 10 years before “The Original Series” and more than a little bogged down by the limitations involved in having to weave an original story into a time period in which so much franchise mythmaking has already taken place.

Some of the fan quibbles lodged during the show’s first two seasons have been undoubtedly silly. “Why didn’t Spock ever talk about having a sister?” went one, referring to series lead Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), a human raised by Spock’s parents on Vulcan alongside the future Enterprise science officer. That myopic question was posed by fans who completely forgot that Spock also had a secret brother, revealed in one of the movies. “Why do the Klingons look so different?” went another. CBS All Access wanted to go in a different design direction, okay?

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