July 25, 2021

South Australian’s ‘lie’ caused COVID-19 lockdown

South Australia’s recent six-day coronavirus lockdown decision was triggered by a ‘lie’ to contact tracers, authorities said on Friday. The shock announcement came just two days into the state government mandate for citizens to stay at home and businesses to close their doors. The region has recorded 25 cases from the latest cluster, linked to a returned traveler from the UK. South Australian state Premier Steven Marshall told press that one man at a pizza bar tied to the outbreak lied to contract tracers saying he had only walked in to buy a pizza, when he had actually worked several shifts there alongside another worker who tested positive. Authorities assumed the strain must have been highly contagious if the man had caught the virus within such a short period of time. “His actions have effected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable,” said Marchall. “Just as we have acted immediately to put restrictions in place to keep South Australians safe, we are going to act to lift them much sooner than previously advised.” Marshall announced stay-at-home orders would be lifted and businesses may open on Saturday at midnight, although the number of new cases in the state was still expected to rise over the next few days. South Australian police said there is “no penalty” for lying to contact tracers for now but that will likely be reviewed.

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