July 29, 2021

Russia records its highest daily death toll from the coronavirus as its number of new cases appears to decline

Russia recorded its highest daily spike in coronavirus deaths on Sunday as its number of new daily cases appears to be on the decline.

Russia reported 8,599 new cases and 153 new coronavirus deaths on Sunday, raising its overall death toll to 3,541.

As of Sunday night, the country has recorded 344,481 coronavirus cases and is the third-worst hit country in its total number of coronavirus cases behind Brazil and the US, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Russia has been badly affected by the novel coronavirus and its hospitals are struggling to contain the spread among medical workers, who are 16 times more like to die from the virus than in countries with comparable coronavirus outbreaks.

Earlier this month, the country experienced a consistent increase in its number of new daily coronavirus cases, though that number appears to be on the decline over the last several days.

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