July 28, 2021

Revisiting the ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving episodes may sweeten the holiday

(CNN)”Friends” always made Thanksgiving better. This year, we need to revisit the show’s Thanksgiving specials more than ever.

Over ten seasons, “Friends” viewers got to join in the tradition along with Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler as they became their own family. They cooked, ate, fought, invited some A-list guests over, and always got up to some Turkey Day shenanigans. Missing family and my actual friends this holiday and in need of a good laugh, I re-watched all the “Friends” Thanksgiving specials. The binge made the hot mess of a meal 2020 has served us a little sweeter.
Here are some highlights:
Season 1, Episode 9 — “The One Where Underdog Got Away”
Monica puts on a one-woman performance after the group gets locked out of her apartment. As her voice gets increasingly higher, Chandler tells her “OK Monica, only dogs can hear you now.” The food is burnt, Chandler hates Thanksgiving, but it’s their first time spending it all together.

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