July 29, 2021

Republican certifiers in Michigan back down after refusing to approve Biden win

Analysts and voting rights advocates, as well as Democrats, condemned Republican canvassers for an initial 2-2 vote along party lines that threatened on Tuesday night to stall official approval of Democrat Joe Biden’s win in Michigan, before reversing course and unanimously certifying its presidential election results.

Spectators chided the Republicans’ act as a dangerous attempt to overthrow the will of voters, while opponents including Michigan Democratic party chair, Lavora Barnes, called the initial 2-2 vote tie “blatant racism” by the two who tried to block the process.

Democrat Joe Biden crushed Republican Donald Trump in Wayne county by more than a two-to-one margin, and won the state by 146,000 votes, according to unofficial results. Wayne county is the state’s largest and home to Detroit – an overwhelmingly Black city that leans overwhelmingly Democratic.

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