July 29, 2021

Rep. Justin Amash, who quit GOP over opposition to Trump, not planning to run for reelection to US House

The west Michigan congressman and sharp critic of President Donald Trump who abandoned the Republican Party a year ago and this year toyed with a run for president as a Libertarian posted on Twitter late Thursday that he doesn’t plan to run for reelection to the U.S. House.

“I love representing our community in Congress. … This is my choice, but I’m still going to miss it,” Amash said in his post. “Thank you for your trust.”

While it had seemed the Libertarian Party, which he joined several months ago, was amenable to nominating him in the district — and could have done so up to Aug. 4 in order to get him on the November ballot — Amash’s tweet appears to bring to an end that happening.

He is the only member of the U.S, House who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

Although it was widely known that Amash has ceased campaigning for reelection months ago as he weighed a run for the presidency, there was still the prospect of his running for a sixth two-year term to represent Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District.

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