July 29, 2021

RealClearPolitics Editor Debunks Viral Claim That His Website Changed Election ‘Call’ on Pennsylvania Back to Toss-Up

RealClearPolitics editor Tom Bevan on Monday debunked an assertion that his website had changed its call on Pennsylvania in the 2020 election after the false claim began to circulate widely on social media.

Bevan’s clarification came after conservative leaders including President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and Sean Spicer, the Trump White House’s inaugural press secretary, began sharing messages early Monday evening that claimed RealClearPolitics had taken Pennsylvania “away from” Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee and presumptive president-elect, and moved it to “toss-up” territory.

“This is false,” Bevan wrote in a message on Twitter, responding to the claim by Giuliani. “We never called Pennsylvania, and nothing has changed.”

Spicer acknowledged the correction later in the evening, noting the map didn’t have “either candidate at 270,” the number of

As of Monday evening, an electoral map displaying the results on RealClearPolitics‘ website had Pennsylvania in toss-up territory alongside Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. Without those five, it projected Biden carrying 259 electoral votes to Trump’s 214.

Trump is expected to win Alaska, which is worth three electoral votes, and North Carolina, which carries 15 votes. Biden is expected to remainder, for a combined total of a little more than 300 electoral votes.

electoral votes required to win.


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