August 5, 2021

Rachel Maddow

An apparent hair dye mishap gave critics of Rudy Giuliani another chance to gleefully mock him, the latest in a string of faux pas to distract from Giuliani’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud.

Social media users believe Giuliani’s hair dye was running down the side of his face for a short time during a Thursday press conference.

A livestream shows Giuliani leaving the podium about 38 minutes into the press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters that lasted about 90 minutes in total. When he returns about 20 minutes later, a dark colored liquid can be seen dripping down both sides of his face from the edge of his hairline.

A few moments later, Giuliani wipes his face with a handkerchief, dabbing it away.

“Here’s why you should hire union hair and makeup professionals,” quipped The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees on Twitter, sharing a photo of the incident.

Haircare professionals weighed in on the subject in a New York Times report, with some suggesting the dark liquid was another kind of hair product rather than raw hair dye.

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