July 27, 2021

Princess Diana & Queen Elizabeth II’s Most Horrifying Moment Was Kept Off The Crown

Those of you who have been watching The Crown season 4 will know by now that Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth II is missing her sensitivity chip, to borrow Jennifer Aniston’s phrasing. While the Queen initially took a liking to the young Lady Diana Spencer, soon to be Princess Diana, as seen in the Balmoral tests, her patience with the princess soon waned when it became clear that she wasn’t adjusting well to royal life. When Diana went to her for help, the queen was irritated rather than sympathetic — and unfortunately, Diana herself can be heard confirming her relationship with the monarch was even worse than the Netflix series would have us believe.

Before her death, Diana recorded a series of tapes with speech coach Peter Settelen first released and broadcast by NBC in 2004, in which she details going to her mother-in-law for help and being denied, much like we see on The Crown.

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