July 27, 2021

Post-debate and hospitalization, Trump falls further behind Biden in national polls

With the 2020 election exactly four weeks away, former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Trump in every national poll, opening up a significant advantage in surveys taken since the first presidential debate.

CNN poll results released Tuesday showed Biden with a 16-point lead over Trump (57 percent to 41 percent) among likely voters. The survey — which was conducted entirely after the first debate and mostly after the president’s coronavirus diagnosis was made public — found respondents favored Biden over Trump on a number of key issues, including the coronavirus outbreak (59 percent for Biden compared with 38 percent for Trump), health care (59 percent to 39 percent) and racial inequality (62 percent to 36 percent).

Yahoo News/YouGov poll results released Sunday showed Biden with an 8-point lead over Trump (48 percent to 40 percent) among registered voters. The survey, conducted Oct. 1-2, after the Sept. 29 debate, found Biden expanding his edge by 3 points, with Trump losing support among independent voters. Before the debate, these independents narrowly preferred Trump over Biden (44 percent to 43 percent). After the debate, they preferred Biden over Trump (44 percent to 29 percent) — meaning the president effectively lost 15 points among independents overnight.

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