July 28, 2021

Old Navy’s wildly popular holiday face masks are on sale for Black Friday—50 percent off!

Black Friday has arrived early at Old Navy, in a big, big way. The retailer’s gone and knocked down the prices of Every. Single. Thing. That’s right; every item in every category marked way down. And when already-reasonable prices are slashed so low, well there’s no reason not to go a little wild. You’ll get a cartful of goodies for not a lot of cash—and meet the needs of your gift list way before crunch time.

What we’re most excited about: As part of this early sale, Old Navy has marked down its popular triple-layer cotton masks too. These masks are so great they sold out almost immediately when Old Navy released them back in May. Now not only are they restocked, but they’re also on sale—in warm winter colors and playful holiday prints. Sold in mixed packs of five—formerly $12 but now 50 percent off, making them $6.25—you’ll get variety no matter which pack you pick. And a great price-per-mask regardless ($1.25).

Grab them right now, on the cheap, for stashing in coat pockets, backpacks, the glove compartment—and, of course, Christmas stockings. Reviewers rave about their coverage and fit (adjustable elastic loops make the difference). One such fan, who works in healthcare, chimes in: “Being in the medical field, I wear masks ALL day! These are the only masks that I continue to go to when I’m off the clock. I LOVE the way they fit!! They cover fully, I don’t have any issues with my glasses fogging up, and the way they adjust behind the ear is really fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about these masks! My entire family uses them!”

Here are some favorites, with options for kids and adults. Snap them up fast. At these prices, they’re sure to sell out.

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