July 24, 2021

Oklahoma GOP senator says people with health issues shouldn’t attend Tulsa Trump rally

In a Wednesday television interview, Sen. James Lankford offered some advice for people attending President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma: “if you have comorbidities, if you are older or have other health issues, don’t come!”

Asked whether he recommended attendees wear masks because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Oklahoma Republican said on MSNBC “I do” but “it’s going to be an individual decision.” Rally attendees might also find it difficult to keep masks on when talking to each other, he noted.

It is unclear if Lankford himself will wear a mask. He told CNN’s “State of the Union” last Sunday “I haven’t decided on that (wearing a mask)” at the rally.

Addressing concerns about increases in coronavirus cases in the state, Lankford said, “I am fully aware that a lot of the nation is looking at Oklahoma right now, and saying ‘I can’t believe that they’re holding a political rally,’ ” but “we’re way ahead of a lot of the other areas in the country” in terms of reopening the state’s economy.

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