July 25, 2021

Now Trump Claims Joe Biden Does Not Believe In Science

ust two weeks after warning that former Vice President Joe Biden would “listen to the scientists” if elected, President Donald Trump on Saturday insisted his Democratic opponent does “not believe in science.”

He accused Biden without any evidence of trying to “slow down” a vaccine for COVID-19.

“Our opponents do not believe in science,” he told a crowd in Montoursville, Pennsylvania. “They want unlimited power over you and your family. They gotta open it up.”

He added: “The so-called experts advising Joe Biden have called for slowing down the vaccine. Can you believe this? … They just didn’t want to have it come out before the election. But everybody knows it’s right there. We’re ready to go, but it became a big political thing and they were actually trying to discourage people from taking it. That’s so bad and so stupid and so dangerous.”

No scientific or medical expert or pharmaceutical company has said that any vaccine is “ready to go.”

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