July 25, 2021

New Los Angeles Coronavirus Cases Reportedly Plummet By 50%, But State Data Says Otherwise

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti reported 425 new coronavirus cases in the city. According to the mayor and the L.A. county department of public health, the county saw 1,260 new cases in the previous 24 hours. The mayor indicated that the new cases in the city represent a one-percent increase.

The reported cases in the county would represent a freefall of nearly 50 percent from the 2,364 reported Tuesday. Not to mention the differential with the all-time high of more than 2,500 the county reported on Monday.

Earlier in the day, the State of California announced a record 7,149 new cases. That number seemed at odds with the city and county numbers, since L.A. County has almost always accounted for the lion’s share of the state’s cases. And, on the same day the state saw a 2,000 case jump, the county saw a reported 1,000 case drop.

Late in the afternoon, in an unusual announcement, California Governor Gavin Newsom set a COVID-19 press conference for the following day.

Garcetti said that there is usually lag in the state numbers as they collect them. So, he speculated, the 7,000-plus new cases in the state may reflect data “from 36-24 hours before.”

The mayor said he pays more attention to the 7 day average of new cases. On that count, according to Garcetti, while L.A. city has previously accounted for 40% of the L.A. County cases, L.A. city becoming a smaller portion of that pie.

But the county’s own Twitter posts only added to the confusion.

Shortly before Garcetti took the podium, the county tweeted a graphic indicated 1,260 new cases.

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