July 25, 2021

Neil Young Rips President Trump for Using ‘Free World’ Like It’s His ‘Theme Song’

“I am changing my mind about suing President Trump,” Young began the essay. “Reconsidering. I’m looking at it again. There is a long history to consider and I originally considered it, deciding not to pursue. But then President Trump ordered thugs in uniform onto our streets. His idea. He ordered it himself. This is all DJT.”

He continued by showing a video where a Navy veteran was “attacked by Trump’s trooper thugs.”

“Trump has no respect for our military,” he continued. “They are not to be used on the streets of America against law-abiding citizens for a political charade orchestrated by a challenged president…These are thugs with no IDs shooting Americans on the streets. They are not our police. Our police should arrest these untrained thugs for breaking our laws.”

After criticizing Trump for his lack of response to COVID-19 and how “this rogue president is creating a much worse problem with his street thug army of uniformed hatred,” Young concluded by writing that the meaning of “Rockin’ in the Free World” wasn’t intended for this situation.

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