July 25, 2021

NBA free agency best and worst values: Gordon Hayward’s scary $120 million contract

2020 NBA free agency has largely come and gone, and what a whirlwind it was. Starting less than two days after the 2020 NBA draft, free agency saw the vast majority of impact players come off the board by the end of the weekend. All told, over 100 players have changed teams via free agency or trade.

There were only four teams that had cap space to be major players in free agency. Of those teams, Atlanta and Charlotte chose to be spenders. Detroit did most of their work via trade, as they shuffled players on and off the roster while adding some new players and accumulating future assets. Perhaps most shocking of all was the New York Knicks showing a newfound restraint this offseason. New York signed a small number of players to short-term, highly reasonable contacts and made a couple of small trades.

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