July 24, 2021

Morgan Wallen Looks Back in Dreamy New Song ‘7 Summers’

Morgan Wallen takes a nostalgic look back at a lost love in the dreamy new song “7 Summers.” It is the East Tennessee native’s latest release from his upcoming second album, which follows his breakthrough debut If I Know Me.

Written by Wallen with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, “7 Summers” has a faint tinge of Eighties country and soft rock coursing through its ringing, suspended chords and Joey Moi’s atmospheric production. It perfectly fits the mood of Wallen’s story, in which he reminisces about someone he once loved but whose memory lingers on. “Back then you used to love the river/And sippin’ on a sixer with me/Does it ever make you sad to know that was 7 summers ago?” Wallen sings, wondering if she ever feels the same thing or if she’s happy with wherever she ended up.

Originally just a snippet of a song that Wallen stuck on Instagram as a demo in the early part of quarantine, “7 Summers” took on a life of its own.

“I heard a lot of good feedback from it on Instagram, and then it started making the rounds on TikTok – I saw how much the song was getting played and how much people were enjoying it, even just the first verse and chorus,” Wallen says in a release. “Social media played a huge part in me releasing this song, especially this early.”

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