July 27, 2021

Melania Trump’s Expression after Greeting Ivanka at RNC is the Event Highlight

The Republican National Convention (RNC) 2020 is turning out to be a content treasure for meme lords. Thanks to all the key campaigners for United States’ President Donald Trump and vice-President Mike Pence. From Donald Trump Jr to Kimberly Guilfoyle and US First Lady Melania Trump, the event had some epic moments. But Melania seems to be taking the cake here.

First it was her bright green dress that was the clean slate for memes and digs. Now the cameras have captured her reaction upon greeting her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump, who introduced her father and incumbent US President Trump during a speech at the event on Thursday.

Melania smiles at Ivanka, but her smile quickly fades into an expression of shock, anger or may be just disapproval, as she walks past her.


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