July 28, 2021

Meghan avoids ‘controversial’ topics for fear of putting family ‘at risk’

The Duchess of Sussex has said she avoids saying anything too “controversial” for fear of putting her family “in a position of risk”.

Speaking at a virtual summit, Meghan said she instead chose to talk about “fairly straight forward” topics “like exercising your right to vote”.

But she said she would not feel proud as a mother if she had not tried to “make this world better” for her son.

The duke and duchess recently urged US voters to “reject hate speech”.

The Duke of Sussex made the remarks in a television broadcast alongside his wife last month – their first joint TV appearance since they ceased being working members of the Royal Family earlier this year.

The couple also urged US citizens to vote in the country’s upcoming presidential election.

A spokesperson for the Sussexes said the comments did not refer to any specific political party or candidate, but were instead “a call for decency”.

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