July 29, 2021

Lincoln Project targets 3 deep red states with million-dollar ad buy as election map ‘turning against’ Trump

With just three days left until the election, President Trump’s enemies are seeing new opportunities in staunchly red states. The Lincoln Project, a conservative-led political action committee dedicated to eroding President Trump’s support among Republicans, announced on Saturday that it is buying over $1 million of ads in Georgia, Montana and South Carolina in the final days of the presidential race.

Ron Steslow, a veteran GOP consultant and Lincoln Project co-founder, said the fact that these states could go against Trump shows “just how badly the president is doing all over the country.”

“These states never should have been on the map. They never should have been in play for Democrats in the first place,” Steslow said. “This just speaks to the massive coalition of voters that is coming together to repudiate Trumpism … the country is turning against him.”

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