July 29, 2021

LeBron James delivers blow, message to Tyler Herro en route to fast-break dunk

Tyler Herro became a meme for his Game 3 snarl as the Miami Heat topped the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

The breakout rookie sharpshooter hit a late bucket while drawing contact and a foul as the Heat pulled away. He then dropped this look that instantly became NBA Twitter’s favorite thing.

Fast-forward to Game 4 with the Heat looking to tie the series at 2-2. Herro found himself on the receiving end of contact once again early in the game.

This time it didn’t work out in his favor.

With the Lakers leading 13-12 in the first quarter, LeBron James picked off a pass intended for Herro in a halfcourt set. Herro chased the 6-foot-9, 250-pound James on the ensuing one-man fast break.

Herro — 6-foot-5 and 195 pounds — didn’t stand a chance. James dropped his elbow as Herro tried to impede his path to the basket. The blow sent Herro falling to the floor before James slammed home two points.

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