June 15, 2021

Immunization Officer

United Nations Pakistan

Under the direct supervision of the Area Coordinator, and the technical guidance of the Provincial Polio Eradication Officer, the incumbent will work as Immunization Officer within the framework of national policies and guidelines defined in WHO programme and policy documents to provide support to the polio eradication efforts through support to SIAs, RI strengthening and poliomyelitis surveillance.

1. Coordination and Leadership

Ø Provide technical support to the District Poliomyelitis Eradication Committee and the District Health Management Team in all areas of polio eradication including training/capacity building of all staff

Ø Coordinates and supervises the work of WHO staff in the assigned district

Ø Advocate for support to other priority health interventions with policy makers with government and other stakeholders.

Ø Support the full implementation of the National Emergency Action Plan (NEAP) and other key policy documents on polio eradication and immunization at the divisional level.

2. Supplemental Polio Vaccination Campaigns (SIA)

Ø Provide technical support to pre-campaign activities particularly planning, preparing and monitoring the quality of area level Micro-planning, at the union council, tehsil and district levels. Monitor the availability of human and material resources and provide necessary support to augment them.

Ø Conduct regular and timely resource planning, rationalization and submission for review and approval to the provincial office

Ø Ensure selection of appropriate vaccinators and supervisors according to the guidelines

Ø Monitor and support the trainings in the pre-campaign phase; for various categories of health workers involved in vaccination and supervision.

Ø Monitor and supervise the work of all categories of health workers during the Implementation phase of the campaign and share the key observations and recommendations / and corrective actions taken with responsible authorities on daily basis.

Ø Monitor the utilization of resources and immediately report issue, if any to the immediate supervisor and provincial team leader.

Ø Participate in the identification and selection of the appropriate independent monitors for Post Campaign monitoring and validity of the process and data.

Ø Thorough analysis of the post campaign independent monitoring data after every vaccination round to: a) making corrective measures as per guidelines; b) identifying the issues to be addressed before the following vaccination round and c) reporting to, and assisting the DC/DHO/EDO/CEO for actions required, if any.

Ø Support the DC/DHO/EDO/CEO and his team in analyzing the vaccination and (administrative and monitoring) data and modify operations if needed.

Ø Help DC/DHO/EDO/CEO to prepare a report for DPEC in line with the National Emergency Action Plan and seek support from public sector and NGO/Private sector as well.

Ø Provide special focus on the high-risk populations during all the phases of the campaign in line with the special strategies devised for risk populations and the National Emergency Action Plan for Polio Eradication.

3. Routine EPI: Support development and strengthening of routine immunization through:

Ø Participating in the development of microplans for REC/RED approach and ensure their proper implementation and monitoring.

Ø Coordinate with partners on activities related to routine immunization and ensure community participation.

Ø Monitor EPI Coverage, drop-out rates, and timeliness and completeness of EPI reports

Ø Analyze and interpret routine immunization data and ensure its use for action

Ø Ensure there is a system of recording and linking of the under immunized and zero dose children to immunization delivery points

Ø Perform quarterly data quality audits on the routine immunization data at health facility, Union Council, Tehsil and district levels

Ø Support the district in carrying out cold chain assessment and ensuring proper vaccine management system is in place

Ø Provide technical support to EPI coordination and review meetings.

4. AFP Surveillance: Ensure a functional AFP surveillance system is in place as per the national guidelines through:

Ø ØComplement the efforts of district health authorities /staff, and other PEI personnel and ensure timely investigation of all AFP cases including timely stool collection and transportation, line listing, data analysis/interpretations and appropriate actions are undertaken in response to the surveillance findings.

Ø Undertake regular site visits to reporting sites and document the visits and findings to ensure that no AFP cases are missed/ not reported, in accordance with district surveillance monthly workplan.

Ø Participate in detailed epidemiological investigation of urgent (hot), confirmed and compatible polio cases; AFP cases with zero OPV dose, AFP case clustering, WPV/VDPV positive environmental isolates.

Ø Participate in training of health care workers on AFP surveillance

Ø In districts without a DSO, leads the implementation of all surveillance activities.

5. Other activities

Ø Implement any additional tasks and/or activities related to polio eradication assigned by the supervisor.

Functional skills and experience:

Ø The incumbent must have at least 2 years of professional work including one year experience working on polio eradication, immunization activities, health emergencies and other field-level public health issues.

Ø Capacity work in MS Office especially excel and word for reporting

Ø Understanding of polio programme

Ø Familiarity with local community context (beliefs, social norms, practices)

Core competencies:

Ø Ability to coordinate and build effective project teams, ability to motivate others, and timely / quality decision making

Ø Good interpersonal communication and reporting skills particularly supervising community level workers

Ø Leadership skills including team building, delegation and empowerment, empathy, role modelling

Ø Effective team player and good problem solving skills

Ø Ability to organize, instruct and supervise staff while promoting group effort and achievement

Ø Ability to manage conflicts and resolve problems effectively

Ø Participate in and promote a positive, supportive, cooperative team environment

Ø Ensure effective use of resources


Ø Degree in medicine (MBBS, MD, BDS or equivalent)


Ø A first degree in a health science discipline and a master’s degree in public health, epidemiology, infectious diseases, health systems

To apply for this job email your details to saadzafar659@gmail.com