July 26, 2021

Ikea Has A PlayStation 5 Prop To Help You Select The Right Cabinet For Your ‘Meme-ishly Oversized’ Gaming Console

The gigantic sizes of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Sony Corporation’s (NYSE: SNE) video game consoles means putting them upright on a shelf is a challenge — but worry not Ikea has found a novel workaround.

What Happened: The Swedish lifestyle giant has placed mock consoles that mimic the size of both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox devices in its stores, the Verge reported Monday.

“Which IKEA media storage unit will be able to fit my new, meme-ishly oversized, game console?” from r/gaming

According to a Reddit user, the furniture company has even imprinted a dig at Sony on the side of its fake PS5 which reads, “Which Ikea media storage unit will be able to fit my new, meme-ishly oversized, gaming console?”

Why It Matters: The dummy consoles can be useful for the lucky few who have managed to get their hands on the rare gaming devices as they allow shoppers to correctly gauge the dimensions of a new entertainment center, the Verge noted.

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Recently though, there are signs that the supply drought for the much sought-after consoles may finally be over.

Price Action: Microsoft shares closed nearly 2.1% lower at $217.69 on Monday. On the same day, Sony shares closed nearly 1% lower at $100.07 and gained almost 0.9% in the after-hours trading in New York.

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