July 24, 2021

‘He shot himself in the foot’: Seniors repelled by Trump’s pandemic response

Marcelo Montesinos voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 because he said he saw “a man who would bring a lot of change.”

Four years later, after losing a family member to the coronavirus, Montesinos, 72, is one of many seniors who now say they can no longer support the president because of his handling of the pandemic.

“He knew everything all the way back in February and he didn’t take the precautions … he didn’t believe in science. He doesn’t believe in doctors,” Montesinos said. “He always tries to blame somebody else, like a little kid.”

Montesinos, who is from West Palm Beach, Florida, said he still plans to vote for Republicans in other races.

“It hurt me so much” to hear the president recently dismiss the pandemic by saying Americans were “pandemic-ed out,” Montesinos added. “He was going to be the best president the U.S. ever had if he had taken care of the coronavirus.”

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