July 29, 2021

George Carey: Former archbishop suspended over abuse inquiry

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, has had his permission to officiate as a priest revoked.

The Church of England said new evidence linking Lord Carey, 84, to a review into allegations of abuse against the late John Smyth, had emerged.

There is no allegation of abuse against him.

Barrister Mr Smyth QC, who died aged 77 last year, was accused of attacking boys whom he had met at a Christian camp during the 1970s and 1980s.

The independent inquiry was launched into the Church’s handling of allegations against the Mr Smyth.

Permission to Officiate (PTO) is required for any Church of England priest to preach or minister.

Lord Carey previously had his PTO revoked after a damning independent report found he had “colluded [with the convicted abuser Peter Ball] rather than seeking to help those harmed”.

He resigned from his post as an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Oxford in 2017.

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