July 27, 2021

Fortnite’s Galactus event was a giant arcade shooter — and now the game is down

The Marvel-themed season of Fortnite ended with a Galactus-sized bang. As has been teased since the debut of season 4 in August, the game’s current season concluded with a live event that pitted Fortnite players against the planet-sized supervillain in a dramatic showdown — and it ended with the game going down, replaced by a timer for the launch of season 5.

For those who managed to get into the event, things started out pretty tame. I spent around half an hour just hanging around on the Avengers’ helicarrier while empty-handed, not able to do anything like build or pick up a weapon. Epic even posted a message letting players know they were indeed in the right place.

When the event started properly, Galactus slowly made his way to the island before bellowing the ominous words “Beware. I hunger.” He then slapped the helicarrier out of the sky, and players were guided into the action by Iron Man himself. It was a strange event: in order to stop Galactus from destroying the island, players had to pilot a version of the iconic battle bus armed with explosives to feed the supervillain. Things played out like an over-the-top arcade shooter and eventually ended with Galactus exploding, leaving the island seemingly intact.

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