July 29, 2021

First woman detained under India’s controversial Love Jihad laws ‘forced into miscarriage’

The first woman detained under India’s controversial new ‘Love Jihad’ laws has miscarried in custody, her family have told The Sunday Telegraph.

Yesterday a distraught Muskan Jahan, 22, called her mother-in-law, from a government shelter where she is being held in the city of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, saying she had bled profusely and then lost her baby.

Mrs Jahan believes her three-month-pregnant daughter-in-law was given an injection to abort the baby by staff because she converted from Hinduism to Islam and married a Muslim man.

“The tyrannical world has said goodbye to this child before he was able to see the world,” said Mrs Jahan.

Muskan’s husband Rashid, 27, is being held in an unknown prison in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly coercing Muskan into converting from Hinduism to Islam by marrying her.

Uttar Pradesh passed legislation last month designed to prevent marriages arranged to convert Hindu women into Muslims, a practice known as ‘Love Jihad’. But critics say the law is a poorly disguised attempt by the Hindu nationalist ruling party of prime minister Narendra Modi to break up interfaith unions.

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