July 29, 2021

EU crowns China the winner as it bans US visitors, but considers Chinese tourists

The European Union has said it will open its borders to many overseas visitors, but not to Americans. More galling, it also plans to allow in tourists from China if authorities there reciprocate and approve travel by Europeans.

This development is not only deeply embarrassing, but also threatening to our economic recovery, our sense of freedom, and potentially our national security. If America is to continue having substantial economic influence in Europe, we must be able to travel between our two continents.

We should operate from the premise that long-distance travelers are predisposed to be more cautious and conscientious of their health before traveling. They will follow the guidelines for testing, hygiene, social distancing, and masks if required.

Yet no clear measures have been put into place for cross-border travel – and it has been more than a month since President Trump declared that the U.S. would soon open borders to countries in Europe with lower rates of infection.

The bureaucratic malaise must end. If the European Union, comprising many nations can put a clear plan in place, then the U.S. should be able to act faster and do better.

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