July 29, 2021

Dwight Howard Sued by Women After He Didn’t Pay Them for Taking Care of His Exotic Snake Collection

Dwight Howard may have secured a new deal with the Sixers, but he’s now facing some legal trouble.

TMZ reported on Sunday that Armica Nabaa and Kamisha Shelman filed a lawsuit against the basketball player for allegedly neglecting to pay them for their services. The lawsuit claims Howard hired Nabaa and Shelman in Dec. 2018 to provide personal management services. Initially, the women assumed they would be handling Howard’s business affairs. However, the NBA champion had them take on more than they expected.

The women say Howard fired his employees to help care for his 35,000 square foot home, forcing the women to pick up the slack. This included caring for Howard’s exotic snake collection. The suit says the athlete has a number of snakes, including a massive constrictor named Cleopatra that weighs nearly 200 pounds.

Nabaa even went as far as to say that she helped revive his NBA career by putting him in contact with the Los Angeles Lakers. Howard reportedly confirmed this by thanking her during a television interview.

After working for Howard, the NBA player fired them in January 2020 with no warning. He still reportedly owes them a lot of money for their work. The women are now seeking $50,000 in unpaid wages as well as plus other fees and damages.

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