July 29, 2021

Dr Disrespect is gone and Twitch won’t say why

Dr Disrespect disappeared from Twitch this afternoon, with his account vanishing from the site, leading to rumors that he had been banned. The disappearance comes two days after Twitch said it would begin issuing permanent suspensions for streamers as it cracked down on accusations of harassment and sexual misconduct.

Twitch would not confirm that it had banned Dr Disrespect, why he might have been banned, or whether he might be permanently banned. Twitch signed Dr Disrespect to an exclusive two year contract back in March for an undisclosed but “life-changing” amount of money. The streamer had also made a deal with a production company to create an animated TV series around his character.

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel “Guy” Beahm, is famous for his exaggerated persona — he streams in character as a person who takes gaming to a certain extreme — and is among Twitch’s 10 most followed accounts, a list that includes several people (like Ninja) who no longer use the site.

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