July 26, 2021

Dr. Birx on her relationship with Trump: ‘Respectful in public but very clear in private’

Dr. Deborah Birx’s rapport with President Donald Trump is “respectful in public and very clear in private” when it comes to discussions about the coronavirus, she said on ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” podcast Wednesday.Birx faced some backlash following White House coronavirus task force briefings for not loudly correcting the president on claims he made about how to treat the virus, like using bleach or sunshine, but she told ABC News Political Director Rick Klein and Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl that her “interpretation of the epidemic” was “very clear” behind closed doors.“I think no one really knows what I’ve done inside the White House,” she said. “That will all come to light because — this data — I write a daily report, so it’s very clear, my interpretation of the epidemic.”“I served in the military for 29 years and I’ve always been very respectful in public and very clear in private. And having come out of the military, our one rule is you’re a soldier, and you follow command until it’s an unlawful order. And I have to say, in my time in the White House, which is 10 months out of my 40 years in public service, I never received an unlawful order. And so I never had to break with that chain of command,” she added.MORE: Congressional leaders close to COVID-19 relief deal that includes stimulus checks for AmericansShe said she and her team have also taken their messages to the press and to local government entities.“I think you can talk to governors and mayors,” she added. “We’ve also been very clear with them in private. Then we also go out and do press and we try to be very clear to the people of their state. But I’ve often found it’s really important, if you have something challenging to deliver, that you deliver that in private and you work very hard to use everything that you have to convince people of what needs to be done.”

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