July 27, 2021

Despite surge warning from top health officials, Trump repeats coronavirus ‘going away,’ uses racist description

Despite the nation’s top public health officials contradicting him, President Donald Trump continues to insist the novel coronavirus “is going way” — as he continues to push states to reopen their economies and ramps up his reelection campaign.

Even as the government’s top expert on infectious disease Dr. Anthony Fauci warned lawmakers Tuesday of the need to continue or increase strong precautionary measures to contain what he called a “disturbing surge,” Trump, speaking at a mega-church in the hot-spot state of Arizona packed with supporters not wearing masks, dismissed COVID-19 concerns.

MORE: Arizona’s new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations continue to rise

“It is going away,” Trump said, calling coronavirus “the plague” and repeating that the surge in U.S. cases could be chalked up to an increase in testing.

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