July 29, 2021

Demi Lovato Addresses Trump With New Song, ‘Commander In Chief’

After she released “Commander in Chief,” an overt anti-Trump protest anthem co-written with Julia Michaels, Finneas, Justin Tranter and Eren Cannata, Demi Lovato delivered an emotional performance of the single at the Billboard Music Awards, telecast Wednesday night.

NBC reportedly edited from broadcast the word “VOTE” in large letters behind Lovato during her prerecorded performance. The network published the original edit of Lovato’s performance on its website, with the large backdrop appearing at the end, but this version was not aired during the Billboard Music Awards telecast. Instead, Lovato’s performance ended with a close-up of the singer looking down at her piano, sans the “VOTE” visual. Before the telecast ended, the NBC Entertainment Twitter account tweeted out a photo of Lovato’s performance with “VOTE” being a dominant aspect. Even though this image did not air, Lovato retweeted it without comment.

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