July 28, 2021

Dallas rapper Mo3 believed to have been killed in shooting on Dallas highway, reports say

Dallas-area rapper Mo3 is believed to be dead following a highway shooting on Wednesday.

Several area media outlets and personalities have said that the man who died in the attack is Melvin Noble A.k.a Mo3.

WFAA-TV in Dallas reported that an investigation followed the shooting on Interstate Highway 35 near Clarendon Drive.

“A man was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon on a Dallas highway. A bystander was also struck but is expected to be OK,” WFAA reported Wednesday. “No arrests have been made.”

A report by KDFW-TV in Dallas said that Mo3 was approached on the highway by an assailant on foot while the two vehicles were stopped.

“Both men stopped their vehicles, the victim got out and started running but was shot several times on the highway,” KDFW reported.

The Dallas Police Department has not commented publicly on the death.

Fans have been reacting to the rapper’s apparent sudden passing since rumors of his death circulated online.

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