July 29, 2021

Charli D’Amelio breaks down after losing 1 million followers over ‘disgusting’ video: ’Not OK at all’

the family sat down to eat with their “mystery guest,” beauty influencer James Charles.

Chef Aaron May cooked them a few courses, including paella with snails in it.

Dixie gagged and made faces when she saw the menu. When she found one of the snails in the paella, she smelled it, then started gagging and yelling, “What is this?”

May assured her that the snail was a classic paella ingredient and noted that it was “an omen of good luck and fortune,” but immediately after tasting it, Dixie threw it up over the side of her chair.

Her mother, Heidi, called her dramatic and told her to excuse herself.

“Do we have any dino nuggets?” Charli asked as her sister continued to gag outside.

Later at dinner, Charli discussed her goal of hitting 100 million followers just one year after she hit 1 million.

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