August 5, 2021

Can the COVID-19 vaccine cause Bell’s palsy? Expert says it’s unlikely

A new report from the Food and Drug Administration has sparked anxiety on social media about a form of temporary facial paralysis called Bell’s palsy, which several COVID-19 vaccine recipients have developed. But experts say the news isn’t reason to panic. Contrary to posts on Facebook implying the vaccine causes the condition, the FDA states clearly that a causal link has not been identified.

The paper, a 54-page briefing document released this week, reveals that four individuals in the Moderna trial— three of whom were given the vaccine — experienced Bell’s palsy. In an earlier briefing, the FDA noted that four candidates in Pfizer’s vaccine group also developed the condition. But an expert tells Yahoo Life that there’s a much better chance the condition is the result of other causes — and that even if it was linked to the vaccine, it can be treated successfully with steroids.

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