July 29, 2021

California police release bodycam footage of man fatally shot during report of looting

Officers’ bodycam footage was released Wednesday from the fatal shooting of a San Francisco man who police in Vallejo, California, say was partially kneeling when he was killed last month. But the videos do not show the moments leading up to the shooting.

The footage was made public after the family of Sean Monterrosa, 22, was permitted to view the recordings. Vallejo police said three officers in a pickup truck activated their cameras, but none of the footage showed Monterrosa prior to an officer in the back seat firing his weapon through the front windshield. The vehicle did not have a camera.

“It was quite surprising and shocking to us that there was no video of the actual shooting itself,” John Burris, an attorney for Monterrosa’s family, said at a news conference. The footage does include the shooting, but does not offer a view of Monterrosa until after he had been hit.

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