July 25, 2021

Boxing Day 2020 headphones deals: sales on over-ears, running buds and more

The real Boxing Day deal winners are headphones, as loads of different types from a range of companies are seeing some pretty sizeable price cuts.

There are Boxing Day headphone deals on all kinds of headphones from comfy over-ear fits to true wireless earbuds that sit in little charging cases. Some of these are professional-tier cans, others are for running or just personal use.

We’re seeing a few price cuts here that beat the Black Friday sales which is pretty impressive, but most other ones here match them.

We’ve collected a few deals on our favourite headphones so you can get an idea as to what the Boxing Day sales are like, but if you can’t see something below you like, don’t fret. We’ve only picked a few but there are loads of other headphones on sale, so check the links to the side to browse retailers’ websites yourself.

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