July 29, 2021

Atlanta Police Officers Call Out Of Work After Officers Charged In Rayshard Brooks Case

A “higher than usual” number of Atlanta police officers called out of work Wednesday night after two officers were charged in the death of Rayshard Brooks, a Black man who was killed by police last week.

“The department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift,” the police department tweeted Wednesday night. “We have enough resources to maintain operations & remain able to respond to incidents.”

The police department denied that officers had “walked off the job.” But Vince Champion, southeast regional director for the police union International Brotherhood of Police Officers, told NBC News that some officers were in fact protesting the charges by walking off the job and not responding to some calls.

“This is not an organized thing, it’s not a blue flu, it’s not a strike, it’s nothing like that,” Champion said. “What it actually is is officers protesting that they’ve had enough and they don’t want to deal with it any longer.”

It’s unclear how many officers called out or allegedly walked off the job. Neither the police department nor the police union immediately responded to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard on Wednesday announced 11 charges, including felony murder and aggravated assault, against Garrett Rolfe, who fatally shot Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot on Friday night. Rolfe was fired on Saturday.

The other officer, Devin Brosnan, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault. He has been placed on administrative leave.

Arrests warrants have been issued for both men. Brosnan has turned himself into Fulton County Jail, NBC News reported Thursday.

Last Friday, Rolfe and Brosnan responded to reports that Brooks, 27, was sleeping in his car, which was blocking a Wendy’s drive-thru. Body camera video worn by the officers shows Brooks cooperating as Rolfe checked whether Brooks was armed. He was not.

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