August 5, 2021

Arizona man, 30, who got COVID-19 at crowded bar: ‘I thought I was invincible’

Jimmy Flores says he didn’t worry too much about coronavirus. When he suddenly became sick, he started fearing for his life.

Jimmy Flores, 30, says he became infected with the new coronavirus after going to an Arizona bar in June and had to be hospitalized when COVID-19 left him struggling to breathe.

I was the type of guy who didn’t really know much about COVID-19. I thought I was invincible, I thought that I wasn’t going to really get it and if I got it, I’d get it lightly. I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have.

I’m a very healthy person. I’m very active, I’m not obese and I don’t have any pre-existing conditions. I’m not a smoker.

When I became ill, it was just so scary. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had. It completely changed my outlook on the whole thing. Now, I’m an example.

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